Welcome to Active Alarm’s newly redesigned website. To better serve our customers, we’ve revamped the look, feel and function of our expanded site. With more pages and intuitive navigation, you can now learn more about our products and services while learning how we can better serve you.

Brand New Look

For more visual appeal, we’ve expanded beyond our brand colors of red and black, to include navy blue and light gray. While an obviously aesthetic choice, it’s one we feel makes our site look more approachable and easier to read. This redesign sets forth an up-to-date, modern look that that keeps our online presence in line with our up-to-the-minute business security alarm and home security system technologies.

Cleaner Navigation

Keeping things simple and easy to find was our goal with the update to the navigation. Now, commercial and residential services are clearly separated to better distinguish between our offerings and make it easier to find the security solutions suited to your space. Should you have any questions, you’ll find contacting us to be easy as well.

Added Resources

For enhanced functionality and information, we’ve created a resources section. This includes on-site product demos, useful forms for quick and easy updates for your security systems and components, plus useful links for Honeywell products. We further serve our customers with a client portal and support form, as we continue to make useful resources easily accessible.

Responsive Design

Perhaps the most useful new feature is implementing a responsive design that provides ideal function from any online device. We’ve made our site easy to read and navigate on all size displays, whether you’re browsing from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Responsive design is the way of the future, and by ensuring our visitors can browse and easily engage with our site, we’re making working with us a better experience for everyone.

About Us

Active Alarm is a Chicago business serving businesses and homeowners alike when it comes to home and business security systems.  For commercial needs, we offer security systems, fire alarm systems, video surveillance, and card access systems, which are all designed to help keep businesses safe. For the home, we offer security systems, fire alarm systems, and video surveillance as well, plus home automation services. Home automation services make your life a bit more convenient—check to see whether you locked the door when you left for work, or turn on the heat or air conditioning before you get home—all from a mobile app.

To learn more about how our commercial and residential security systems can protect your business, guard your home and enhance your peace of mind, contact us today.