Card Access Systems

Without an electronic access control system for your business, you can’t easily track who comes and goes, or when. Not only that, but a single lost key can necessitate the costly replacement of door locks, as well as new keys for all of your employees.

Active Alarm Company installs card access systems for Chicago businesses just like yours, and can provide you with the convenience and security only electronic card entry offers. Whether you are installing a comprehensive new security system or you want to integrate card access into your existing setup, our experienced installation team can give you the measure of security you need to protect your business and employees.

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Easily Manage Your Property’s Security

Managing a system of traditional locks and keys is time consuming, and can quickly become cost-prohibitive for your business. Because traditional keys can be lost, stolen, or illegally copied, you can never know who has access to your business. Don’t wait until your security has been compromised to upgrade—equip your Chicago business with a card access system.

Our electronic access control systems give you the power to monitor employees and visitors entering the building and accessing restricted areas. Using personalized electronic access cards, you can keep your security tighter and finally enjoy full control over who has access to your property.

Security Customized to Your Needs

Our electronic access control experts in Chicago don’t just install card access systems—they know how to customize them to meet your unique needs. We provide card access systems for Chicago schools, businesses, municipal buildings and other properties, so no matter the size of your staff or the varying levels of security you need, we can design a system that works for you.

In addition to our basic commercial card access systems, we offer integrated security packages with a range of options like video badging, real-time alarm pop-ups, digital video integration and more, so you can take your security to the next level and experience the convenience and power of 21st-century security. Whether you’re starting with a new system or you want to add card access to the one you already use, Active Alarm gives you the protection you’re looking for.

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