Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Do you know what happens on your property when you aren’t there? Or when you’re not looking? Without a commercial video surveillance system, you have no way of knowing, and that makes you and your business vulnerable.

Break-ins, vandalism, robbery and even fraudulent liability claims can destroy a business, but having a video surveillance system in place can be the one thing preventing you from becoming a victim. Active Alarm Company installs commercial video surveillance systems throughout Chicago, and we can give you the tools you need to help protect your business and yourself.

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Deter Crime on Your Property

Your commercial property is only as vulnerable as you allow it to be. We install and service video surveillance and security systems for Chicago businesses large and small, and showing business owners just like you that a surveillance system does more than record what happens on your property.

Our cameras can be as visible as you want them to be, installed either in open view or in recessed ceiling mounts, and can serve as effective deterrents against theft, fraud, vandalism and other crime. When the people on your property know that you have a video surveillance and security system in place, they know that they can be held accountable for their actions.

Protect Yourself with Video Footage

Whether you’re on your property at the time of an incident or you’re relying on the testimony of others, without video footage, you may never be able to prove a thing. This is why businesses in Chicago rely on our commercial video surveillance systems—they give them the peace of mind that any activity on their property is safely recorded.

We design multi-camera recording systems, which feed into a central channel and record. Our systems are custom-designed to our customers’ needs using industry-leading equipment, including options for motion-detecting camera, remote viewing and time-lapse video recording.

With a video surveillance and security system from Active Alarm, you get a considerable deterrent against criminal activity and the power to monitor your property at all times.

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