Video Surveillance for Your Home

Do you know what goes on in your home while you’re away? Don’t leave your property vulnerable to break-ins, theft and vandalism. With a home video surveillance system from Active Alarm Company, you can stop wondering and keep an eye on your property at all times, all with a simple, non-intrusive setup.

Our team implements video surveillance systems in the Chicago area using the latest technology from today’s most trusted brands, so you know that your equipment is modern, highly functional and well-suited for the task of protecting your home and your family.

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The Difference a Home Video Surveillance System Makes

Video surveillance isn’t just a Chicago necessity—home video surveillance systems are increasingly popular across the country. This is because without video surveillance, you and your home are vulnerable, no matter where you live.

Burglary, home invasion and vandalism always strike unexpectedly. What would you do if you came home to find evidence of a break-in, but no witnesses? How would you begin to find the people responsible?

With a home video surveillance system, you can monitor and record what happens on your property 24/7. That footage can be the difference between catching a criminal or forever losing your sense of personal security in your own home. All over Chicago, our video surveillance team gives homeowners just like you a better sense of safety where it matters most.

Professional Installation, State-of-the-art Equipment

Active Alarm’s surveillance experts have an average of 11 years of security experience, and we work with technology from today’s top names in home video surveillance technology.

What does that mean for you? Better picture quality, high performance cameras in optimal locations, and a less intrusive presence in your home. We integrate your video surveillance system into the design of your home, offering you the views you need in the areas that count. Whether you want to monitor your property inside the house or out, we have the technology that works and the expertise you can trust.

Want to find out which home video surveillance options are best for your home? Contact us today to learn more.

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